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About Us

about us

Hello. I'm James, and Opium.co.uk is my favourite extracurricular distraction. My background is in the world of visual arts, particularly in film and abstract painting, but I've also been a collector of evocative antiques and curios for many years.

Sometimes, I sell things to make way for newer (or often older, in fact) items. On this site you'll find a selection of such objects; most hail from the 16th to 18th century, although a few are a little younger or older. I tend to think they all have a certain character and originality in common. Some are immensely rare but are available for hire. 

As is to be expected these days, you can find me on Instagram > here <

Please get in touch if you would like to negotiate on something, discuss interior design or decoration projects, or if you would like to borrow items for prop, editorial or film work.